Pilates for Winners

Pilates for Winners

The summer Olympics took place in 2012 and those who hope to make it into the next round have already started training. Most athletes are kept in a ‘training lock down’ just before the Olympics but luckily they were able to share some tips. Regardless of the sport, most Olympic athletes use Pilates in one way or another as a part of their training regime. Nick McCrory, winning bronze in synchronized diving in the 2012 summer Olympics, says: “I really enjoy [Pilates] because aside from just the strength that you build, it really teaches body awareness and coordination, which is essential to diving”. A third time gold medalist in beach volley, Kerri Walsh, exclaims that Pilates helped her get her body back after pregnancy. “Pilates gives you such great body awareness. When I got pregnant, I really got into Pilates because I wanted to fix all my asymmetries and deficiencies and go from there. I have a new body because of it,” she says.

Here are some US Olympic athletes (and their sport) who use Pilates as part of their training:

  • Lolo Jones – Hurdles
  • Sanya Richards-Ross – Track and Field
  • Natalie Coughlin – Swimming
  • Kerri Walsh – Beach Volleyball
  • Misty May-Treanor – Beach Volleyball
  • Nick McCrory – Synchronized Diving
  • David Boudia – Synchronized Diving
  • Ariana Kukors – Swimming
  • Dana Vollmer – Swimming


If you want more information please go to http://pilates.about.com/od/pilatesforeverybody/ss/Summer-Olympics-2012-Olympic-Hopefuls-Are-Training-With-Pilates.htm


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