Pilates for Runners

Pilates for Runners

Spring is in the air!

pilates8If you’re a runner you must be getting excited to run outdoors in the fresh spring air. Before you lace up your favourite pair of running shoes, why not try some Pilates exercises to get the most out of your training? Pilates is beneficial for runners in many different ways from running faster to running safer and injury free.

It helps strengthen and stabilize your core to make your body stronger and quicker. It can also improve your endurance through its advanced breathing exercises to foster more efficient breathing techniques to keep you energized longer. Pilates will also help your muscles recover more quickly after pounding the dewy pavement outdoors. By focusing on stabilizing muscles and postural imbalances Pilates also helps you to run injury free.
Just one session with our certified Pilates Instructor can give you some great home exercises to help you improve your running performance!

Inquire for more information about our private Pilates sessions for runners and how you may be eligible for reimbursement.

Written by May Tyrrell, B.F.A.

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