Osteopathy for Children

As children grow they can experience discomfort from structural and biomechanical issues caused from difficulties during pregnancy or birth, trauma from falls, accidents or sporting injuries, infections or inflammatory conditions or genetic disorders.


Without proper mobility and normal function, your child may experience:

  • Physical developmental issues: hip dysplasia, club feet or fallen arches, difficulties to roll or walk.
  • Delayed intellectual development triggering learning or behavioral difficulties.
  • Reccurring infections in the ears and eyes related to virus. Your child may also experience hearing difficulties.
  • Face and jaw compression causing teeth overcrowding and inability to close the jaw properly.
  • Torticollis (stiff neck caused by birth trauma)

How Osteopathy can help your child

Osteopathy is effective in addressing many of the common problems experienced in childhood and can help prevent biomechanical and structural issues and health problems assisting your child to transition into a healthy adult body.

Osteopathy treatments for children use gentle manual maneuvers to reduce discomfort and improving range of motion by treating issues that arise from the following conditions:

  • Trauma from injury and accidents Stiff neck, headache and back pain.
  • Constipation and digestion issues.
  • Respiratory conditions including asthmatic condition and bronchitis.
  • Ear infections or functional hearing loss.
  • Eye coordination problems. Club feet Gait pattern changes, balance or coordination problems.
  • Scoliosis – spine curvature.
  • Cerebral palsy, Down syndrome.
  • Injuries from accidents or sports.
  • Jaw problems (TMJ)



What to expect in your child’s Osteopathy session

The initial session will be 30 minutes consists of a complete history and a structural exam while getting to know your child. Depending on the time remaining, a small session of treatment may be performed.

Children’s body often respond very quickly to treatment. The manual maneuvers are very soft and gentle.

Follow up sessions may be required depending on the nature of the issues your child is experiencing.

Osteopathy and Physiotherapy services are covered by many employee benefits programs. Check with your program to find out your coverage level.