Osteopathy for Aging Adults and Seniors

senior4As you age the elasticity in your body deteriorates and increases the risk of injury to soft tissues and bony structures. This aging process may cause you to experience symptoms such as:

  • Stiffness and reduced mobility.
  • Pain in your back, hips, knees, feet, neck, shoulder, arms and hands.
  • Arthritic pain (osteoarthritis or rheumatoid) and joint swelling.

Many people believe that the pain caused by the aging process in joints and muscles can’t be treated. As a result your quality of life can be severely affected when you are in pain or losing mobility. It can be scary and frustrating when you begin to stop enjoying activities, lose functional independence and increase the risk of falls.
Osteopathy can assist in substantially reducing pain and increasing mobility so you can enjoy your lifestyle as you age.

How Osteopathy can assist Aging Adults

senior5Osteopathy treats a large range of symptoms for many conditions associated with the aging process:

  • Osteoarthritis Postural-related dysfunction – asthmatic conditions, kyphotic.
  • Decreased Balance – decreased ability to perform basic functional activities such as walking.
  • Decreased mobility that often leads to instability and poor balance which increases risk of falls and injury.
  • Injury related conditions such as muscle strains and joint sprains.
  • Surgery – post joint replacement surgery rehabilitation
  • Recurring illness such as respiratory conditions, recurring bronchitis, pneumonia, decreased breathing capacity.

What to expect in your Osteopathy session


The goal of osteopathy is to create harmony and compatibility in the system. Both Cheryl Lee and Doris Hellstern are uniquely qualified drawing on their experience as an Osteopathic manual practitioner, Physiotherapist and Pilates Rehabilitation specialist.

The initial treatment will be 45 minutes starting with a complete history and structural assessment, followed by treatment consists of gentle manual techniques.

Follow up sessions or tailored complimentary pilates-based exercise may be required depending on the nature of your issues.

senior2Osteopathy and Physiotherapy services are covered by many employee benefits programs. Check with your program to find out your coverage level.