Five Benefits of Learning How to Do Pilates

Five Benefits of Learning How to Do Pilates

pilates3Exercising has many benefits from weight loss, to improved muscle tone. But some exercises are harder to do than others. Pilates is a form of exercise that almost anyone can do.

Pilates can be done regardless of current physical fitness level. This exercise focuses on breathing, centering, concentration, control, flow and precision of movement. They can be done with a special machine as well as for some forms, on a mat on the floor.

Due to the way the exercises are performed there are many benefits to doing Pilates including:

Mindfulness — Much like Yoga, Pilates is an exercise performed in a mindful way. The exercises are completed with full awareness of where all your body parts are, and what they are doing. Nothing is left to chance.

Instead, the act of paying particular attention to the alignment of the body will create a situation where you are more aware of yourself in every aspect of life, not just while you’re exercising. This mindfulness also makes the exercises more effective.

Increased Core Strength — Your core, or powerhouse, is the area from under your ribs to your pubic bone. Keeping or increasing strength in this area has many benefits such as less back pain.

Many people are afflicted with debilitating back pain and Pilates is one of the exercises that can, over time improve this situation. Another benefit of increased core strength is better fitting clothing.

Flat Abdominals — You’ve heard of “Yoga Bootie” — now, let me introduce you to “Pilates Abs”.

Moms who learn how to do Pilates, swear by how flat the exercises make their abs. It is thought that the extra focus on breathing technique helps people burn fat more quickly, thus flattening the stomach. What more can you want?

Better Muscle Definition — Many people who participate in Pilates find that over time they develop long, lean muscles with near perfect definition without lifting weights or doing hard exercises.

The exercises focus, not on repetition but on completing each exercise fully. This keeps you from developing huge bulky, ugly muscles and since the exercise is full body, your body becomes balanced.

Weight Loss — The combination of breathing, concentrated movement, and full body focus is a great combination to fast and permanent weight loss.

The fact that the exercises are so precise and create an extra “body awareness” it makes it easier to stick to a healthy eating plan because you are more mindful of your overall health.

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